Complete your luxury car rental on Dubai

Complete your luxury car rental on Dubai

Complete your Dubai luxury car rental with the best experience ever!

If you are a car lover and adventure seeker, as all car enthusiasts often are.
There are some experiences that we westerners can only have in Dubai.
Dubai luxury car rental is what Dubai is famous for, amongst anyone who enjoys cars.
And in the city this is the better option, being able to live that fantasy of lavish luxury.

To enjoy your hotel, the fine dining and to go tax-free shopping.
You should try to have the perfect experience of being in a modern cosmopolitan city, with all the luxuries you can possibly imagine and driving a stunning luxury car.
But there is one more thing to make this holiday experience even better.
If you have a passion for driving a car, you just have to go on a desert safari
Make the most of your Dubai experience and hire a guide that specializes in safari desert tours. More info:

He will take you into the beautiful and very hot desert in a 4WD.

The showstopper for you is of course to go dune bashing, where an experienced safari driver will drive you through the overwhelming desert sand dunes to experience the roller coaster exhilarating dune bashing. (Not for the faint hearted!),
But don´t worry there are also lots of less scary fun things to do for the whole family.
There are loads of fun activities such as sand skiing, dune buggy rides and of course camel rides.
Further more henna painting and traditional Arabic costumes and a typical pick nick under the stars followed by belly dancing.

You can opt to stay overnight and wake up to see the desert sun rise and take some amazing pictures.
Doesn´t this just sound like an experience you shouldn´t miss.
Tours offer convenient pick-up and drop-offs from specified locations across the city, but because you have your luxury rental car, all you need to do is get on your way!

Villas for Sale on great Dubai

Villas for Sale on great Dubai

Have you ever thought about how my should use an idyll as Dubai? Perhaps as a new residence or only as a holiday? Another possibility would be an investment in resident property . Finance banks such as Amlak, Dubai Islamic Bank or the Mashreqbank you 70 percent of the property price with an interest rate of 6.5 percent. At least 30 percent equity must be available for funding. Due to competition in the market with the competitors in the banking business of the current interest rate of banks is shrinking. Having the financing of the property has been cleared, you can leave your villa or apartment on rent from a local trust company for a fee:

This one can currently achieve optimal profits. To achieve a return of 8 to 9 percent and for a villa up to 10 percent for an apartment. One way to educate even more profits, is the property to tourists for rent throughout the year.Due to the additional revenues the interest of the bank can be paid easily and depending on the rent – to tourists or residents of Dubai – educate small to average profits.

Together with the equity you have established as soon a considerable sum. Upon completion of the term of 15 years, you are free, if you want to sell the property exempt or continue to rent. This can of course be done even earlier. The 30 percent equity, you have invested, will give you the opportunity in Dubai using 500 percent real estate recover. Other investment opportunities see, however, mostly weak from. A further advantage of property is the protection against inflation.

Due to the stable prices of building plots and real estate of the decline of their investment is excluded. Inflation causes besides an even higher income in turn and an increase in property price. In a period of 10 to 15 years, this creates a not misconstrues Direction bonus that will give to good. Villas for Sale in Dubai.

Dubai offers an additional 1,000 dollars per square comparatively low price for villas. For example, in the South of France – a comparable area – is the price per square meter of nearly 5,000 dollars. For interested buyer, this could be one of the most important aspects to be convinced of your offer. The reality is that to keep the real estate prices in Dubai on the international market at a comparatively low level.