The Lymphatic Glands.

The Lymphatic Glands.

As it is impossible experimentally to stop the lymphatic glands overall from contributing to the formation of the blood, we rest nearly entirely on medical as well as physiological researches for an explanation of their function.

Since Virchow’s definition of the lymphocyte, it has been confessed that the lymphocytes of the blood.

Both the small and larger kinds are identical to those of the lymphatic glands and the rest of the lymphatic system. This is confirmed by the complete contract in general morphological character, in discoloration residential or commercial properties of the protoplasm and also core, as well as from the lack of granulation.

Bountiful clinical experience testifies that the lymphocytes of the blood truly do arise from the lymphatic system. Ehrlich had previously observed that when comprehensive portions of the lymphatic glandular system are put out of action by new developments and also similar reasons. The number of lymphocytes may be substantially decreased.

These observations have since that time been validated by different authors.

For example, Reinbach explains numerous cases of deadly tumors, particularly sarcoma. In which the percent of lymphocytes, which usually totals up to 25% was really considerably reduced; in one instance. Of lymphosarcoma of the neck, they just comprised 0.6% of the overall number.

These problems are rather easily and normally explained by the exemption of the lymphatic glands. It is hard for the advocates of the view that the lymphocytes are in the early stages. Of all white blood corpuscles to reconcile it with these facts. According to their scheme, the reduced variety of lymphocytes is to be discussed in such situations by their unusually quick makeover. To the polynuclear elements– the old types; or to proper the expression of Uskoff, by too quick aging of the lymphocytes.

Further proof for the beginning of the lymphocytes of the blood from the lymphatic glands.

Is to be acquired from those cases in which we discover an increase of the lymphocytes in the blood. These “lymphocytoses” happen, in comparison with various other leucocytoses, relatively hardly ever. Under specific problems in which hyperplasia of the lymphatic glandular apparatus makes its appearance.

We typically see initially a rise of the lymphocytes in the blood. Ehrlich and Karewski in some unpublished work have checked out together a lot of typical cases of lymphoma were able continuously to observe a lymphocytosis.

Which in some cases was of high level and also birthed nearly a leukæmic character.

Relying on these facts Ehrlich and also Wassermann made the diagnosis in vivo of deadly lymphoma in unusual skin disease. Primarily from the outright boost of the lymphocytes alone, although no swelling of the glands was apparent. The post-mortem showed that the primary condition. Was a swelling of the retroperitoneal lymph glands to lumps as large as a fist. 파워볼사다리

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